I am Sravan Nerella. You have reached my home on the web. I am a Project Manager in the software industry but that is not what you are here for i assume.
So you want to know more about me? Well I am a Photographer by choice and a gamer when i am having any free time.

You can see more about the games i play using the menu above. My current games are Kingdom Game and City of Heroes.

Well my other passion is Photography. You can see my galleries here. This year my lovely wife gave me a Tilt Shift lens for my birthday. So this year the theme is anything that can be done better with a tilt shift lens. Those that know me know that i love talking pictures of flowers. Yes i know it is an overused subject, but it is also a subject that is easy to find. My latest gallery is availble the in the photography section.

I also do commercial work under the banner of Arushi Studios. Contact me if you want any work done at competitive prices.