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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. – Mahatma Gandhi.

I first came across  these words in 1999. These words have been my guiding principle throughout the years.

As a voracious reader, I came across many great concepts covering both personal and professional life. Those great ideas led to me changing my thinking in many aspects over the years. Every time i learnt a new idea, the words from Mahatma Gandhi have always encouraged me to take action.

This latest redesign of my personal web site is another such attempt. It is my attempt to put into action something that is driving me now.


I have been blessed to receive support from a number of mentors over the years. This support came in the form advice that i have taken to heart. This has led to a much more fulfilling professional life. Believe me, a good professional life has a positive effect on your personal life too!

The last couple of years my co workers have been encouraging me to share more of my experiences.

Skeptical at first (I did not think i could mentor others), i have nevertheless started on a journey to share my experiences. I had started with a training program at work and learnt that i am able to help other product managers connect the dots better.

This has given me the confidence to start a blog to document my thoughts as a product manager. I hope the articles i plan to write will help future product managers navigate the changing landscape of this profession.

About Me


I started in the product manager role much before it was a specified role in most companies. Being responsible for the success of multiple products for the last 20 years has led me to appreciate the nuances of this profession.

I aspire to continue to bring the user’s view point and creativity to deliver differentiated solutions that enhance value.

I have started a blog – the product corner to share my experiences with future product managers.


I was drawn towards finance in my MBA, and technology from my days in IIT. As such have been working in this space since before there was a word called Fintech.

My latest role is to help my company with the long term strategy.


I studied in New York Institute of Photography and since then have been indulging my craving for something creative in life.

While my attempts at being creative have been mixed, i am thankful to all those who allow me to take photos of their personal occasions.

To learn more about my photography and view my portfolios please visit